Low voltage lighting



Low voltage lights are ideal for outside lighting on paths, patios, decking etc.  They are the safe alternative to traditional fluorescent bulbs and use a faction of the power saving you money.

Here at LV lights we try to provide you with all the information you will need in the purchasing of your lighting systems or single light bulbs.


There are many types and uses for low voltage lights such as externally in landscape garden lighting, flood lights or out door Christmas lights. Internally they are most commonly used in recessed lighting such as down lighters, spot lights and ceiling lights.


Low voltage lights have become very popular in the commercial market where large offices, shops and even smaller companies have been trying to save money and the environment by changing all traditional lighting to low voltage.  This will be stepped up a gear as we approach 2012 as the government in Britain are posed to phase out the fluorescent bulb.


12 Volt low voltage halogen bulbs are extremely popular as they are powered by a 12 volt electrical supply through a transformer, not through a 230 volts needed for conventional lighting, because of this energy consumption can be reduced by up to 60% and bulb life is increased considerably. 


The best form of low voltage lights are LED bulbs which unlike normal low voltage bulbs when turned on they do not have to warm up to their full capacity, they give an instant bright light that does not heat up to near the same temperature therefore a LED light bulb will outlast a standard low voltage light bulb by many years.